Tevet 12, 5770 Dec. 29, 5770


So old biblical Jerusalem is once again under siege by our enemies. They are once again at our wall, hoping and waiting for our spirit to weaken. And if we lose Jerusalem again, only HaShem’s intervention will restore it.

Is it a coincidence that the 10th of Tevet fast and the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead (Gaza war) fell on the same day? The 10th of Tevet fast commemorates the start of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Babylonians, for any reader who may not be familiar. Since this fast is not so much for mourning but rather a reminder to make repentance to HaShem, is it also a coincidence that also during this time, only Jews are FORBIDDEN to build in biblical Jerusalem by Israel’s own call? Not in my opinion.

It is now two days after the 10th of Tevet, and I think Jews need to do some serious soul searching. I believe this fast actually holds greater significance now more than ever, and Jews need to be aware.

Since the world, especially the EU & the USA, are determined to force the Jews in Israel to give up ‘East’ Jerusalem willingly to our enemies, for a peace that everyone knows will never come.

Lets face it. ‘East’ Jerusalem is biblical Jerusalem, and if the secular, anti G-d of the old testament world can trick the Jews into giving away biblical Jerusalem, the very center piece of Judaism, it will be a tremendous victory for all those who wish to destroy Israel. This would, in their mind, also debunk thus destroy the concept of the G-d of the old testament.

It is common knowledge that a secular, socialist, internationalist movement is sweeping the world, and, like Nazis, it doesn’t want an ‘Israel’ to be part of their vision of the ‘one world order’. It wants no recognition of the G-d of the old testament and it rejects ANY connection to it, this is why Christianity is also rejected (a Neitzsche idealism).

And, like the Nazis, it seems to embrace Islam, my thinking is for several purposes. First and utmost, it is staunchly anti Israel and radical Muslims are willingly the foot soldiers to physically attack Israel with impunity. Second, its a religion that is very oppressive, like Nazis, very controlling of the very personal movements of its followers. Third, once their purpose of eliminating the Bible based religions is accomplished, discarding Islam will prove easier in reality, thus eliminating all religions, because its followers will want freedom from such an oppressive and cruel belief system.

What of the other religions? u may think, such as Hinduism, Buddhism etc., well of course, they too would have succumbed to ‘Jihad’ and have already disappeared also, unless they can successfully resist, we can only hope.

However, my emphasis on the G-d of the old testament is due to the fact that it seems to be the main target as the world works tirelessly to persuade Israel to destroy itself. Strangely, they do not go in an make a major military strike to go ahead and destroy her. Why the hesitation? Who knows. Perhaps the fear that decent people will rise up from all aspects of the world, and permanently stop them. Or perhaps they really DO fear the G-d of the old testament and aren’t quite ready to find out if He really exists.

Eventually they’ll find out.


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  1. Joyce Austin said,

    January 10, 2010 at 3:04 am

    I agreed with so many statements in your article, I hardly know where to start commenting. I think your statements about the G-d of the Old Testament is what the hostility to Israel and the Jews is really about. The world, in general, does not want to live by G-d’s rules (summed up in Ten commandments). It’s too difficult, too painful to live a life with integrity; worse yet, they would have to work on their faith issues, and give up the control to a G-d they can’t see. The Jews, and their survival is a constant reminder that G-d exists, and still protects “the apple of His eye.” (Zech.2:8)

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