Shalom & Welcome to IDF Recruit! The Mission of This Blog is to Honor the Israel Defence Forces, Debunk Goldstone & the Latest Flotilla Challenge on Israel’s Sovereignty & Right to Self Defense. Click IDF Logo for Link to Official IDF Report on Flotilla. Scroll Down Past the 3 videos & Click Photo of Mavi Marmara & Watch ‘We Con The World’ by Latma TV

What Really Happened w/ Flotilla – Bias Against Israel Netanyahu Speaks of World Hypocrisy & Bias

Against Israel Over Flotilla & Operation Cast Lead Flotilla Activists Attack Israeli Soldiers on Mavi Marmara Read More

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  1. george njoroge said,

    November 16, 2012 at 5:21 am

    i am a commited Christian, and the Holy Bible is very clear who should be in the Holy Land. i fully support the heroes and heroins of Israel and be encouraged the the LORD will never leave you. only be courageous and be on the Lords side by keeping His comandments.

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