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Shevat 2, 5770         January 17, 2010

The Middle East Peace Process is a failure, we need a new direction.

The brainchild of Israel trading her precious little land to finally achieve peace with the neighboring Arabs nations has failed.  The Gaza pull out is the latest example of a failed land for peace policy.  Continued hostility from the Palestinian Authority despite the 10 month building freeze in Judaea & Samaria, and old Jerusalem, which, had it been accepted and appreciated by the PLO,  the makings of the Palestinian State in Israel’s heartland with old Jerusalem as its capital would be happening right now.

Instead Abbas is demanding Israel pull back to the pre ’67 borders before he will even talk.  This is an impossible choice for Israel, yet Hillary Clinton also calls for it.

Therefore, it is my opinion that Israel and the very insistent world must explore new ideas if mideast peace can ever realistically be reached.

First of all, the plan to create a state within a state must be abandoned.  Most people who read this will probably disagree, as everyone has been brainwashed into believing it is the only way.  If Israel wants peace with her neighbors, she must sacrifice her small but vital land for peace, they believe.

What I need to know is the ‘Why’?

I recently became familiar with a very interesting idea from the author of the book, ‘A Case For A Larger Israel’ by David Naggar.   His idea is a productive and viable Palestinian State should be created, but put elsewhere in the middle east, not inside Israel’s Judaea & Samaria AKA West Bank, which is too small and too confining for a productive nation to be situated, and would also make the land for Jews too small, confining and vulnerable to attack.   He also takes it a step further, with so much land available in the middle east, he believes for Israel to also be productive and viable, they should be granted more land, not less, as well.

I agree.

When I suggested this on twitter, it was met with shock, anger, or I was told that it was simply unrealistic.

Once upon a time during Truman’s reign the concept of a Jewish nation in Palestine was considered unrealistic, for the same reason as now, appeasement for OIL.

This idea needs to catch on, however, if middle east peace is to truly be achieved.  The status quo will never work, this is becoming the consensus, but instead of strong arming Israel into creating a PLO/Hamas state between the river and the sea like the EU wants to do, a recipe for disaster, why not put it somewhere else?  Why is that so unthinkable?

It certainly isn’t unthinkable to force Jews out of their homes in Gaza to clear the area  intended for the Arabs, or to freeze building of only Jews in Old Jerusalem and Judaea to make way for a Jew free Arab nation nestled in Israel’s heartland.  This discrimination against Jews while accusing them of Apartheid is perfectly acceptable and expected by the USA, EU, UN and the rest of the hypocritical world.

Nobody has even considered that out of all of the land the Arab nations were given in’47-’48 the same time as Israel, which is over 6,145,389 square miles as opposed to Israel’s 8,463 square miles, they should give one square inch to help their own people. Israel took in Jewish refugees that were violently expelled from Arab nations in pre Israel days, an issue rarely mentioned in public media forum today.

There is a huge amount of land space available in the middle east for everyone to have plenty, if Israel’s borders can be constantly redrawn so the whims of backward, barbarian dictatorships can be appeased, then maybe some of their new borders can also be redrawn to achieve true mideast peace, which would benefit the entire world.

However, I suppose the West prefers not to ruffle maniacal Arab feathers with such a suggestion, after all, upsetting them could interfere with the West’s extraction of oil, business must come before human life, and Arab regimes are already being put upon having been militarily defeated by Jews and are being forced tolerate a Jewish presence in their middle east.

Could oil be the reason for the West’s insistence on the unreasonable and dangerous land concession of placing a hostile entity inside Israel so Israel can finally be gobbled up once and for all?

In my view, Jews need to consider very seriously how dire the threat to Israel’s existence is.  I also feel they need to face reality of the dangerous possibilities if a hostile Arab presence with the sovereignty powers of a nation is placed in the heartland of Israel.

Remember the wars when Jordan had that land? Remember the days when the idea of an Arab state in said land was unheard of? Or in Gaza? You know, when Jordan and Egypt controlled these areas?

So why were Arabs attacking Israel then?  To give it back to the British who controlled it before the Jews did? How can they liberate Palestine for Arabs who never had it in the first place, who only came there in pre ’48 days due to Jewish development greatly improving the economy?

Most Arabs living in Israel are only first to second generation, having come from surrounding areas, as there is no distinction between Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese. They are the same ethnic group, sharing language, culture and faith.

The PLO terrorist group has changed their name to Palestinian Authority but they have the same players and the same goal . Hence their charter they refuse to change calling for the destruction of Israel.

As David Naggar points out, the Middle East has plenty of land for everyone.  The Arab Nations control  99.95% of it. So why is Israel, the last 1/2% of Mideast, expected to create yet another Arab nation in that 1/2%? Why is Israel expected to shoulder the entirety of this problem?

Tell me, please, is this just the EASY answer?  Is it because Israel is a gentle, reasonable  little democracy willing to bend over backward to make peace? Is it because Jews are made to feel as if they must constantly defend their right to exist, and not so long ago, it seemed as if there were no room on the planet for them, causing them to feel undeserving?

Is this the reason they feel they must put up with everything? Do they think the world may not blindly hate them for a minute and they might belong in the world for that minute?

While the world is accusing Israel of war crimes it didn’t commit, and actually had the audacity to threaten to arrest Israeli  officials over an utterly bogus report known as Goldstone,  true atrocities and world tragedy are being ignored.. This deplorable situation has to change.

The world must recognize that aggressor nations who TRULY violate human rights and engage in terrorism have to be stopped now.  In this day and age of technology, medical advancement, greater knowledge and understanding, why is the world still so backward in so many ways? Has technology moved faster than mankind is capable of?

In light of the pathetic state of the world, the idea of veering away from the popular notion of the ‘two state solution’ in the tiny space that is Israel, will be ill received.  However it MUST be scrapped, as it can never work, and certainly will NEVER bring peace.

Especially since the two state situation already exists, the tiny state of Israel and the rest of the middle east.



Tevet 12, 5770 Dec. 29, 5770


So old biblical Jerusalem is once again under siege by our enemies. They are once again at our wall, hoping and waiting for our spirit to weaken. And if we lose Jerusalem again, only HaShem’s intervention will restore it.

Is it a coincidence that the 10th of Tevet fast and the anniversary of Operation Cast Lead (Gaza war) fell on the same day? The 10th of Tevet fast commemorates the start of the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple by the Babylonians, for any reader who may not be familiar. Since this fast is not so much for mourning but rather a reminder to make repentance to HaShem, is it also a coincidence that also during this time, only Jews are FORBIDDEN to build in biblical Jerusalem by Israel’s own call? Not in my opinion.

It is now two days after the 10th of Tevet, and I think Jews need to do some serious soul searching. I believe this fast actually holds greater significance now more than ever, and Jews need to be aware.

Since the world, especially the EU & the USA, are determined to force the Jews in Israel to give up ‘East’ Jerusalem willingly to our enemies, for a peace that everyone knows will never come.

Lets face it. ‘East’ Jerusalem is biblical Jerusalem, and if the secular, anti G-d of the old testament world can trick the Jews into giving away biblical Jerusalem, the very center piece of Judaism, it will be a tremendous victory for all those who wish to destroy Israel. This would, in their mind, also debunk thus destroy the concept of the G-d of the old testament.

It is common knowledge that a secular, socialist, internationalist movement is sweeping the world, and, like Nazis, it doesn’t want an ‘Israel’ to be part of their vision of the ‘one world order’. It wants no recognition of the G-d of the old testament and it rejects ANY connection to it, this is why Christianity is also rejected (a Neitzsche idealism).

And, like the Nazis, it seems to embrace Islam, my thinking is for several purposes. First and utmost, it is staunchly anti Israel and radical Muslims are willingly the foot soldiers to physically attack Israel with impunity. Second, its a religion that is very oppressive, like Nazis, very controlling of the very personal movements of its followers. Third, once their purpose of eliminating the Bible based religions is accomplished, discarding Islam will prove easier in reality, thus eliminating all religions, because its followers will want freedom from such an oppressive and cruel belief system.

What of the other religions? u may think, such as Hinduism, Buddhism etc., well of course, they too would have succumbed to ‘Jihad’ and have already disappeared also, unless they can successfully resist, we can only hope.

However, my emphasis on the G-d of the old testament is due to the fact that it seems to be the main target as the world works tirelessly to persuade Israel to destroy itself. Strangely, they do not go in an make a major military strike to go ahead and destroy her. Why the hesitation? Who knows. Perhaps the fear that decent people will rise up from all aspects of the world, and permanently stop them. Or perhaps they really DO fear the G-d of the old testament and aren’t quite ready to find out if He really exists.

Eventually they’ll find out.


Kislev20,5770 Nov. 7, 2009


The similarity between Arab Jihadists and Nazis and their tactics is quite obvious, if people simply open their eyes and examine the facts. For example, the perpetuation of the existence of a Palestinian people. How short is everyone’s memory? Can truth be erased in a mere few generations with clever, dishonest news reporting? The Palestinian people are an invention of the PLO, CNN and the UN. Since Arafat’s Uncle was the Mufti of Jerusalem in the 1940’s, and he was a card carrying Nazi, I believe it may be reasonable to suspect an Arab/Nazi connection, influencing the PLO’s later propaganda tactics. Arabs and the Nazis were allies in WWII. In fact, it is believed by some that Adolph Hitler was influenced by Islam.

The UN marking the creation of Israel as catastrophic followed with the threat of recognizing old Jerusalem as the Arab capital to a first time Arab state in Judaea & Samaria should make this body and their rulings null and void. In my opinion since the UN is made up of the Arab Nations who were actively involved in war against Israel, support terrorism against Israel, which is ALSO an act of war. Terrorism is an act of war that violates the Geneva Convention(see my blog roll for link to Geneva Convention) but nobody voices that.

The UN has been nothing but anti semitic since its inception. Sure, it granted the Jews a state, but has anyone examined the outrageous borders they had allotted for the Jews? The areas weren’t even connected! They gave the Jews the land but attempted to design it for utter failure and bloodshed. They cut out the heartland, the superior land and gave to the Arabs, after giving them Jordan separately, but that doesn’t count.

How can this double standard go on? Why are people so blinded by television media repeating the same lie? Are people so selfish and lazy that they take what they hear on face value, even though enough people know that the holy land has been historically Jewish for 3+millenium? When I look at the state of the world, the suffering, the chaos of so many nations, I guess the answer is yes. The UN seems to not focus long enought to correct any of those problems. Why? Why do they ignore famine in African nations? Human rights violations in the far east? How about human rights violations in the middle east? Honor killings, human shields; suicide bombings; murders; persecution of Christians, Hindus, anyone of a different faith. Why is it politically incorrect to point these facts out? Everyone knows these events are true, its common knowledge.

Now the UN wants to declare old biblical Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest city, capital of a bogus state of a bogus people. What a FARCE and an OUTRAGE!!! At least Tzipi Livni, whom normally I disapprove of her politics due to her position to give away Jerusalem had to step up and tell the EU no. Of course her reason is if they force the issue now they’ll end up with no state and an end to negotiations. Nothing better could happen for Israel in my view.

Kislev 3 5770 Nov. 20, 2009



It is common knowledge that the Jews have an extensive history in the holy land going back thousands of years. The Arabs own history does not go back that far as a cultural identity. Their identity as a unified force did not emerge until the 7th century C.E.. with the rise of Islam, which defined Arab culture and identity, as the Quran is written in Arabic which occurred in Mecca on the Arabian desert now known as Saudi Arabia. Some Arabs lived in the holy land, yes, that’s true, but so did Jews. In fact, the Jewish community in Jerusalem dates all the way back to biblical times and there are families there who have been there that long. How does Arabs living there for a hundred years or so, either migrants from surrounding areas, or remnants of Ottoman Empire or even dating back to the 7th century when they conquered Jerualem, trump the Jewish claim of 3300+ of history? How can their claim be considered more legitimate and the Jewish claim, backed with physical archeological history, supported with thousands of years of written history be so disregarded? Has the new political agenda of leftism, rejecting any ties to a biblical historical account be the brainchild behind this flagrant dismissal of so much historical evidence of what is true? Why is everyone so blind? How can they not see the huge amount of already Arab middle east and treat the Jewish clam on such a tiny amount of land as oppression? (See video ‘palestine facts below my commentary for a look at map) Everybody knows this! It is common knowledge! But even the Arabs living there for hundreds of years it still does not outweigh the claim of the Jews who are truly indigenous and whose language and culture have been all over that land since they lost it to the Romans. No nation, Arab or otherwise has attempted to create another nation, or kingdom there since the Jews except the Jews have maintained a presence there, with aspirations of someday having a nation again. More on this subject to come.


Tevet 1, 5770 Dec 18, 5770


Well, this is the last night of Chanukkah and Jews are banned from Temple Mount to pacify the Arabs in Jerusalem. That’s the very temple Judah Maccabee liberated from the Greek Assyrians! It seems all the Arabs have to do is start a rumor or make public accusations and the local government and police in Jerusalem, or anywhere in Israel at holy sites, immediately take action against the Jews. I suppose world pressure especially from the Obama administration is the reason behind the extreme pressure on Israelis to make every concession to the Arabs, give them their every demand.

The Arabs of the region remind me of a spoiled brat. They already have 21 nations with large oil deposits, generating huge profits. So the world who responds only to those with money caters to their every whim. Such as the United States. Look at them, pressuring Israel to actually sacrifice the tiny amount of land they fought and lost lives to hold on to against impossible odds to a people who already control hundreds of thousands of square miles of land. The origins of the so called ‘palestinians’ are easy to uncover. Especially since not so long ago they identified themselves as Jordanians, and before that, Syrians. It does not take a rocket scientist or much research to discover that over 100,000 Arabs migrated to the holy land in the late 1800s up to the 1940’s . Obviously they are NOT indigenous to the land since Arabs did not even EXIST in the days when the Jews lost the land to the Romans and the Romans named the land Palestine.

The land has been occupied for 2000yrs since the Jews did lose it to the Romans. It has been dominate by foreign forces ever since, NO ONE has even attempted to set up any sort of kingdom or nation, or even tried to claim it. It has been the subject of many wars, religious wars, such as the crusades. However, they were fighting over it in the state that it was, the holy land, complete with Biblical Hebrew Cities, history, the bible in reality. The bible is Jewish history. The holy land is where it all took place. It has been in limbo, unchanged since the Jews had it before. What other land has remained in its original state for that long yet lacked a sovereign people controlling it to keep it that way? Actually, most nations thrive and change over the centuries, this land lay fallow, neglected and desolate, as if waiting for the Jews return and the people who DID control it never tried to create a nation there, until modern times when Jews, after centuries of longing for their homeland, so strong a desire that it is part of their culture, writings, prayers, religious rituals, their everyday lives, to this very day.

Additionally, it was accepted by most cultures that the land was the Jewish land. Why else would they grant the Jews the entire area in the Balfour Declaration? It is also a strange curiousity why the extreme reversal of that decision to not grant the Jews the land, but instead give the Arabs all of the middle east and nearly all of Palestine. What little land they agreed to grant to the Jews was impossible borders, not even connected! Why would they do this unless it was to pacify the spoiled brat who had the oil deposits? Why would they help with the ethnic cleansing? Why would the world make such an unscrupulous decision in the face of the holocaust and a so called war to STOP the Nazis? Why do they favor the Nazi’s allies against the Nazi’s victims? Rather suspicious?



Well, I suppose the world, especially Obama has no more patience for Israel’s hesitation in setting up a Palestinian State. I mean who does Israel think she is? Expecting the Arabs to honor an agreement or refrain from violence? Damn negotiations or compromise, skip all that crap and give them what they want. They are ENTITLED to Israel. Forget they have no real history there. Never mind that they were Jordanians before ’67 and Syrians before ’48. And what ever you do, DO NOT notice that they already have 21 nations, all of the same language, faith and culture; and they lost every war they started. Pay no attention to the fact that when the UN drew up the final borders of what was to be given to the Jews in ’48, they gave them INDEFENSIBLE borders, they tried to set them up to get slaughtered. But none of that matters. That book is being burned. All that matters now is the new history they have created and the so many notable people who pass it off as truth.

Ehud Barak is quaking in his boots. So are all the left wingers in Israel. Shut those right wingers up, they say! Charge them with sedition. Cut the funding of any Yeshiva who encourages IDF soldiers to stand up for Israel. That is not their business anymore. They are robots and we (left wing fifth column) tell them what they must do. They no longer protect Israelis. They do as the USA, EU, and UN direct. We are on the EU’s payroll and we had better self destruct on schedule.


Kislev 22, 5770 Dec. 9, 2009


Is it just me or does it seem peculiar how a seemingly civilized, reasonable, democratic nation like the USA can maintain such a a firm stand on dividing Jerusalem? How can they ignore how important Jerusalem is to Israelis and Jews everywhere. I’m always hearing its the third holiest city in Islam. Well, its Judaism’s first holiest city, doesn’t that count? Does anything the Jews want count?

How dare the EU decide to allot Judaeah and Samaria,, Gaza and old Jerusalem to the Arabs? Passing a resolution with a 27 nation bloc supporting it? What gives them the right to dictate to Israel? How dare they attempt to bully Israel into relinquishing ANYTHING to their enemies while new and longer range missiles are being smuggled in by Hamas? An issue they managed to overlook! This lopsided approach to the peace process and the tendency to reward terrorism has gone way too far, and personally, I pray it will backfire on all parties who do not have Israel’s best interest truly at heart, namely, the EU, UN and the Arab nations and the occupying Arabs within Israel. That’s how I see them. They refuse to integrate into Israeli society and the world demands Israel tolerate their acts of war against Israeli civilians. When Israel takes action, ISRAEL is called down as the war criminals.

How much more can the Jewish State be expected to take? How much more outrageous will the world’s demands become? What ever happened to the war on terror? Has a Muslim president in the white house diminished the need to stop terror, because they only want to focus on bullying and blaming Israel? Is the globalist political tide planning on sweeping over Israel and turning it over to the radical Islamic Arab nation? Let’s face it, it is only one huge Arab nation that rules 99.5% of the middle east, and they are hungry for that last 1/2%

The unfair and unbalanced conclusions of the Goldstone Report which even the Obama Administration, with their harder line position toward Israel in the peace process, oppose the conclusions of the Goldstone Report and actively reject its refusal to recognize Hamas’s launching of attacks against the IDF from civilian areas. But it must go further. This kind of thinking toward Israel must stop, or Israel will be forced to abandon all peace negotiations for her own survival, as the world is too immature and too barbaric to even take seriously their recommendations of how to achieve peace.

This biased mindset carries also in the EU’s postion on the peace process. In their impatience to appease Islamists, may be due to the fast growing presence of militant Islam in Europe which they seem too weak or politically correct (the terms are synonymous in my view) to stop it. So naturally the EU has decided that Jerusalem is to be divided and the old city is to be the capital of the Palestinian state. Even left wing Tzipi Livni is forced to oppose the EU’s attempt to strong arm Israel into relinquishing old Jerusalem in a rushed negotiation, with no regard toward Israel and her objections to dividing Jerusalem. Such a move is contrary to Israel’s sovereignty, which is part of the world wide effort to delegitimize Israel. Only a few short weeks ago the UN actually officially named the anniversary of the creation of Israel as a day of mourning . This is a credible world governing body? Complete with the power to dictate to other nations what they must do? Will true scruples ever descend upon the United Nations or will they always be a moral joke?

Next I learn the Israeli Knesset is likely not to support an ‘oath to loyalty to the state” bill. Why won’t they? Is that proof there ARE infiltrators operating within the political ranks of the state of Israel? I suspect so. No doubt by me that some have been placed by the EU, which already funds anti zionist organizations and interferes with Knesset dicisions on establishing transparency laws for foreign funding for NGO’s (non governmental organizations) such as Peace Now.

I’d say it could be safe to suspect that certain MK’s (members of the Knesset) such as Labor and Meretz political parties in the Knesset may be receiving such funding, who do not always act in Israel’s best interest in terms that they are so willing to cave to Arab demands. Why else would they oppose a law to expose where funding is coming from?


Kislev 12, 5770 Nov. 29, 2009


I saw a video today of a former Arab Knesset member who voiced publicly that there is no such thing as a Palestinian. He went on further to say that prior to 1967, Arabs considered that land part of Syria. It has all been a lie to, as Yehuda Katz of the Zionist Freedom Alliance puts it: “to attempt to erase our history and steal our land” as reported in the above cited Arutz Sheva news report. In my research, I have come across quotes and documents referring to Arab opinion prior to ’67 stating exactly that, and rejecting and denying the existence of Palestine as a zionist lie. Since the acknowledgment of Palestine at that time, prior to 1967, was to acknowledge the Roman takeover of the Jewish kingdom, thus recognizing that there was a Jewish kingdom in that land at one time. How they arrived at utterly denying the Jewish history of the land in the face of all the Hebrew named cities and Hebrew artifacts everywhere is beyond reason. One may assume it is similar to the insistence now that they are indeed a legitimate Palestinian nationality. They make up history as they go and if they tell it enough, the media picks it up, and before one knows it, its an internationally recognized fact.
But the most pathetic part of this whole fiasco is the USA’s participation in it! How can they treat these terrorists as peace partners? Of course I’ve heard the argument, the Jews were terrorists before Israel was a state. But theJews warned of an oncoming strike back then just the way they do now. does that sound like terrorists? They truly were freedom fighters, refugees from Nazi war camps, going to their only place of hope in the whole world, not even the USA, land of the free and home of the brave would take them in. So much for that argument. The USA was quite the adversary in those days I might add. As the USA saw fit to place an arms embargo on Israel

    and the Arabs, but it only affected Israel as the Arabs got their arms from Britain. Another sad fact is that Israel’s closest friend and ally, the USA has an agenda to reduce Israel’s size to an insignificant presence in the middle east to placate the Arabs , whom with their oil interests lie.
    It is encouraging to hear brave Israeli patriots like the mayor of Ariel is standing up against the injustice of the building freeze being imposed on only Jews via USA and Arab demands. I only hope the rest of the mayors in that area will follow his lead. Israelis must stand up and demand their rights, demand that the Israeli Government grow a spine and refuse the unreasonable and unfair appeasement of terrorists and hostile neighbors, and refuse USA’s demands, call their bluff on the weapons threat. Israel can’t live under the thumb of a nation that would demand her to compromise her very survival or else. That’s a friend? Israel has to come out from under the control of the USA, even if it means no longer receiving aid. Who is to say once Israel has become totally vulnerable USA (with Obama at the helm) wouldn’t decide she can’t afford aid to Israel anymore, or she can’t play middle man anymore. She can’t fight Israel’s wars or what ever excuse she can come up with to leave the Jewish state high and dry. I hope pressure from the American people of whom a majority supports Israel, would prevent such and ugly situation from materializing, but the USA government has demonstrated a basically hostile position toward Israel since 1948. Certainly the aforementioned arms embargo and the policy of not allowing Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany escape to USA is physical evidence enough to back that claim.
    Since Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for merely wishing to create a nuclear free world, I predict he will formally demand Israel relinquish her nuclear weapons in order to prevent Iran from completing her nuclear weapons program. The threat of Israel having nuclear weapons (since she has never admitted to it but Obama threatened to reveal the USA/Israel agreement) is her only deterrent to another full scale war waged on the Jewish state. Its the only thing preventing it. Peace through strength is the only peace that will last in the middle east unless the Arabs make some drastic cultural changes, an unlikely scenerio, especially when the world doesn’t demand it and encourages their unreasonable political positions for what ever agenda the world holds. I hope Israel will not be foolish or naive enough to trust the USA who has all but totally turned on Israel, or rather completely reverted back to its initial hostile positions of the 30’s and 40’s. Trusting the USA has proven to be a mistake, I can only pray to HaShem to help Israel out of her predicament the USA deceitfully helped place her in.

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