Is Arab Determination to Destroy Israel an Unfullfilled Honor Killing?


If this is true, then there can NEVER be peace; there is no resolution. Unless, however, the Arabs can change their religious and cultural traditions, which isn’t likely. In fact, Sharia Law is a growing trend around the world, including places it has never existed before. Honor killings are on the rise in countries like USA, Canada, Europe. Honor killings seem to be a very important element in their religion, culture, their personal everyday life; as one evident and current situation of the terrified teen Rifqa Bary, who, having dared to convert to Christianity, pleaded with Authorities not to send her home, as she knew she would be killed by her family to preserve their honor, a concept foreign to people of the Judeo Christian cultures, and certainly of the left wing whose values include political correctness; and who often hold judicial positions, may unwittingly send her to her death out of so called respect for diversity (a sacrificial offering by the left wing to the gods of political correctness). If this tradition of honor killings are such an integrate part of their intimate lives, (where its purpose and value outweighs the very lives of their young daughters or any family member) why then would it be unreasonable to assume it may be the core behind the Arab regimes as well as Palestinian Authority’s refusal to cease war efforts and terrorism against Israel?r Their own actions certainly testify to that as they have utterly rejected, in truth, any commitment to peace, even down to changing their charters as agreed upon in formal treaties brokered by prominent diplomats, such as Olso. Wye, etc. Apparently, honor is so highly valued in their culture that when any incident resulting in what is deemed a dishonor can only be rectified by killing the individual who caused it. In my estimation, peace between Israel and the Arabs would only be possible if the Arab culture could mature about 1000 years to catch up with the civilized world. If that scenario could exist, their need for yet another Arab state in Israel’s dining room may be deemed unnecessary. Such a demand was unreasonable from its inception, considering the many Arab states that already exist. Since the Palestinian nationality was conceived when the Jews began wanting to reclaim their ancestral land, and prior to that the Arabs of the region originally identified themselves as Syrians, no true distinction exists among Arabs who lived there, from the ones in surrounding areas.
If my suspicions are correct and the unrelenting Arab aggression against Israel is actually the desire and intent to complete a failed honor killing, stemming from the Arab defeat in the 1948 war that ARABS INITIATED in order to annihilate Israel, it certainly sheds a light on the thinking behind the hostile position held by Arab regimes concerning Israel. The ongoing war efforts to capture the Jewish land appear to be driven by greed, since the Arabs already have a sizable state called the entire middle east. When Israel defeated 5 Arab armies and captured more land than the UN had originally allotted for them, miraculously surviving impossible odds, it was not only a stain on Arab honor to lose but moreover, by winning, Israel committed the worst dishonor of all, a stain on the Arab belief system, namely Allah, who was clearly defeated by HaShem, or the G-d of Israel, of the Old Testament. This explains their justification (or their excuse) for using their women and children as human shields, saying loudly they all must die for Allah. To sum it all up, they MUST DESTROY ISRAEL, to restore honor to Allah, and each defeat may be deemed as their own personal failing, thus furthering the sin of dishonoring Allah, which in turn would dishonor all involved. This could explain their willingness to commit suicide, their own private, self imposed honor killing, the only accepted rectification of causing dishonor.


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  1. Jewish-Christian Mohammad said,

    December 31, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    1. Arabs can not live in peace with each other. So, I cant understand how some people think it could be a permanent peace with them !

    2. How some think that they can make peace with the Arabs , whille Al-Qaida and Hammas ideology is official in all Arabic and Islamic countries!
    2. How you some non Islamic countries want to make peace between Israel and Arabs, while same non Islamic countries still allowing Arab-muslims to open t mosques and Islamic centers in Europe and USA and to incite their generations, against Israel !

    I asure you that if we dont eliminate the official imams ideology, the world would never live in permanent peace.

    Jewish-Christian Mohammad

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