Rebuttal of the Goldstone Report


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  1. dolpheena said,

    October 28, 2009 at 5:57 am

    This page is dedicated to promoting the truth behind the situation leading up to ‘Cast Lead”, to illustrate Israel’s dire situation against the terrorists ‘Hamas’ and their onslaught of violence and war making against Israel, additionally it is dedicated to rebutting the ‘Goldstone Report’ which is based on unproven testimonies of terrorists or terrorized civilians who were used unmercifully as human shields during conflict. The ‘Goldstone Report’ manages to leave out the actions of Hamas’ use of its civilians, the attacks it made against Israeli civilians in direct conflict w/the Geneva Convention, which can be accessed on my blogroll, clearly spelling out acceptable warfare, an ethic code the IDF follows explicitly even at the risk of their own forces. The UN is a null and void organization made up mostly of Arab dictator nations guilty of horrendous human rights abuses against their own citizens. The fallacy of the situation is the willingness of so many nations worldwide along with global media outlets to accept ‘Goldstone’ on face value, convicting Israel inspite of its outstanding record of human rights and cautious warfare. The world needs to reexamine its dedication to honest efforts in stopping terrorism, instead of ignoring and even encouraging it, as it believes its only target is Israel. This is not true, as it is well known of the spread of ‘Jihad’ now in Europe, the African continent, Asia, Philippines, even the USA, Canada, to name a few. These nations have no direct connection with the Middle East conflict(except USA) yet Jihad is spreading rampantly, The world needs to effectively fight terrorism and the spread of ‘Jihad’, a radical violent, oppressive culture that must be stopped dead in its tracks. The world must join Israel in its fight against radicalism and quit pretendinglike it will not affect them. It will affect us all.

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